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[Nov. 1st, 2006|05:33 am]
Phoenix or Serpent RP


Who: Arthur/Molly
Where: Some restaurant in Hogsmeade
When: The evening of October 31st
What: Celebrating Molly's birthday
Rating: PG-13

Arthur who was dressed in a suit which he'd had to have remade as all his other ones didn't fit. He knocked on room 309 with flowers in his arms.

Molly let out a little yelp as she heard the knock; she had gotten home late and had been rushing around trying to get ready. She quickly finished her hair, and used her wand to fasten her necklace. Before she opened the door, she took a look in the mirror, proud with her appearance. She was wearing a pair of jeans she had fit into nearly twenty years ago, and a long sleeve sweater that left the tops of her shoulders and her collarbone exposed, with a pair of black boots. She smiled as she opened the door. "Hello Arthur." She said, nearly gasping it out from her recent rush around the room.

"Hello Molly, you look beautiful" He replied He handed her the flowers.

She took the flowers, gesturing for him to come inside for a minute. "Thank you, with all the weight I've lost I had to sneak back home and find some of my old clothes that fit." She replied, conjuring a vase and placing the flowers in it.

He smiled. "Happy Birthday dear."

"Thank you." She looped her arms around his neck, kissing him softly. "Are we dining as Muggles or the witch and wizard we are?" She asked, glancing into the mirror to check her makeup.

"Which would you like to do?'

"It certainly doesn't matter to me, my outfit works for both."

He smiled "To that new place in Hogsmeade then."

"Sounds wonderful. I know my figure has never mattered much to you, but how does it feel to have a hot, thin wife?"


She blushed, looking away for a moment. "You've always been a flatterer."

Arthur looked at her "Molly I love you anyway you come."

"I know you do, and I love you. Lead the way, my knight."

Arthur led her down to the entrance of the hotel and down the street towards a known fireplace.

"We're not Apparating?" She asked, they usually Apparated, especially when she dressed up nice for him.

Arthur took her hand and Apparated.

"Thank you," She said, after they had arrived in Hogsmeade, but she had an uneasy feeling that he knew what she had done with Nick over the past few nights.

Arthur led her into the new place and they were directed into their seats. Arthur pulled hers out and sat in his own.

Molly nodded her thanks to him, and searched his face for clues, but his smile did nothing to alleviate her fears. She chose not to say anything, she had a feeling she'd be getting an earful before the evening was over.

Arthur took one of the menus and looked at it.

She followed suit, finding a chicken salad that sounded good before she placed her menu to the side. "Arthur?"

"Yes?" Arthur asked he'd chosen a burger.

"Why do I have a really bad feeling that you've read my diary since our last meeting?"

"What diary?"

"You know very well which one I'm talking about, you can answer yay or nay, I think I already know the answer anyway." She said, glancing at the breadbasket.

"Nay I've been to busy."

Molly sighed, she knew he was lying, but knew better than to point that out. "I just thought you'd read something that would tick you off, is all."


"Then I suppose I get to escape some heat." She said, meeting his eyes again.

For now Arthur ordered their food.

Molly still felt uneasy, as if he could go off at any given moment, and broadcast to the entire restaurant that she had been sleeping with a healer she basically worked with. "So, uh, another year older already, huh?"

"Yes. How is John?"

"John's fine. Still working himself to death, been asking me if we plan on having any more children soon, as I was down on the baby ward today."

"And you told him?"

"No, I told him you're retiring and as much as I would love to be a mum in that respect again, I'll wait for grandbabies."


"What? You seem a bit put out by that answer."

"Its good that you shall wait for grandchildren."

"Well, there's that and he kindly informed me that if I were to get pregnant, with us it would most likely be twins."


"Fantastic as good, or fantastic as bad?" She asked, recalling Fred and George's early days.

"Just fantastic you better remind us to use contraception."

"I'm still taking my birth control, Arthur. I haven't quit just because we're not together."

"Then that is okay then."

"Why would I stop taking it? I've got no reason not to take it."

"You may have forgotten or wished for another baby."

"I told you after the incident at the inn I charmed it, so I won't forget, and I do half-wish for another one, but it's time for our children to produce."

"Of course, I’d forgotten."

"Besides, it helps with my cramps and backaches a little, which is nice as I don't have you to rub my back." She said, reaching for her water.

"Yes." Arthur replied he poured some of the wine that had been brought to their table into his own glass.

She remained silent, not quite sure where to take the conversation next until John's offer made its way back to the forefront of her brain. "John offered me a job today."

"What as?"

"His assistant."

"Did you accept?"

"I told him I'd talk to you, think about it and let him know in a couple of days. He said he'd work things out so I could still volunteer."

"You should do it."

"I don't know, I mean, I could have a better job than a healer's assistant."

"Like what?"

"The potion brewer gig I could have had if I had not gotten pregnant when I did."

"Did you inquire about it?"

"I've been keeping an eye on the jobs board, I haven't seen anything up for that position or a similar one yet."

"Did you ask John?"'

"What's with the interrogation? I'll find something, all right?"

"I was only asking."

"It just seems like you're pushing for me to get a job now...you did read that didn't you?"

"Read what?"

"My diary, don't play dumb, I know you know what I've been doing."

"That you screwed that Nick guy? Yeah I know but I am more occupied trying to finish the funeral preparations for my mother!"

"How come I wasn't informed? She may have done awful things to you, but I definitely went to her probably more times than necessary needing help."

"Maybe you should read the Prophet."

"I do read the Prophet, I read it at night before bed, I told you I've been rushing since I got home today."

He called the waiter over and asked for a copy of the Daily Prophet the waiter returned and gave it to her.

She quickly read the article, feeling her face become warm. "How dare you?"


"This! What have you been doing, spying on me?"

"Not me."

"I want to know how she found us! I told you it was casual!"

Arthur shrugged.

She felt tears sting the backs of her eyes, hating him with all of her being. "Arthur Weasley, I can't believe you'd do this."

"It must be all the conversing I’ve done."

"Back to your mother, why didn't you tell me about her?"

"Why wouldn't you have known she died at Saint Mungos!"

"I'm just a candy striper, I'm not allowed on the serious wards."

"Well now you know."

"Were you even going to tell me about the funeral so I could go?"

"In an owl."

She crumpled her napkin in her fist, becoming angrier by the second. "I hate you, you don't want to work on this, you just threw up a facade last week, didn't you?"


Tears flowed down her face hot and fast, she couldn't believe him and his actions. "You promised."

"I promised what?"

"You promised you'd do your best. Or do you not remember giving me this?" She asked, wrenching her engagement ring off and slamming it on the table.

"Careful that’s a glass table."

"Why can't you do things the honest way without degrading me?"

"Possibly cause friends of mine devised this plan."

"Yeah right, you said so yourself, you don't have friends, you have acquaintances. I can't believe you'd make me out to be a bloody slut!"

"It’s not my fault Lestrange and Snape thought that would be amusing!"

"Amusing? This is amusing you?" She was ready to storm out of the restaurant, but knew she had to have it out with him now, Merlin only knew when she'd be able to talk to him again, and a funeral certainly wasn't the place to bring things up.

"Not me Rabastan and Snape."

"So you decided to ruin not only mine but a respectable healer's reputation as well? Thanks to you, he'll probably be fired first thing tomorrow!"


"Why are you so hateful? Its not my fault you can't cook decent meals for yourself, I offered to refresh your memory on Mother's Day, but you couldn't be bothered."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"It says in the article that you're not healthy and that you'll probably be dead tomorrow, so not only am I slut, but I'm a horrible wife as well!"

"I think what she meant was I looked depressed and did it click that there is a war going on and that many suicides have happened of late?"

"Well, that's a no brainer, I told you months ago you seemed depressed, but you haven't talked to James about anything."

"How would you know? I thought meetings were confidential...If he is telling you stuff what I say in sessions than I shall no longer attend sessions."

"No, he's not telling me what you say in sessions, I haven't had one myself since about a week after I left. I told him he could tell you things I've said, but I have not in any shape or form heard what you say during yours. I was going off past reference." She said, not liking the way the conversation was going, and her blood was boiling.

Arthur merely took a sip of wine.

"Arthur I can't possibly see how you want to fix us, you've ruined my birthday."

"Maybe changed my mind. Maybe I've decided that I don't need you."

She bowed her head and cried, burying her face in her hands. "Can't you see...I've done nothing but try.... thirty years down the drain...no where to go..."

Arthur merely watched her.

"I should have known it was a lost cause after you withdrew.... all I want is my husband, you have my permission to erase my memories of him." She managed, between large gulps of air, aware of several eyes on her.

Had he meant that? Had he said that? Had he caused this?

"Why is it that the more I try, the more you pull away and give me hell?"

His throat had grown dry he couldn't speak.

"And I'm bloody sick of you using my maiden name, you know I hate it." She rambled; she was hurt and frustrated, especially after looking forward to a repeat of their previous date.

He didn't know what to say.

She rummaged around for her purse, before remembering she'd forgotten it. "Excuse me, I'm going to the ladies' room."

Arthur nodded.

She got up quickly, shielding her face from the crowd who had turned their attention to her and Arthur, shaking as she entered the ladies' room, and hurriedly fixed her makeup, lest Arthur think she had left instead. She calmed down a great deal as she made her way back to the table and settled back into her seat.

Their food had arrived.

She waited until the waiter had left, and picked up her fork to glumly push her food around her plate. She'd lost her appetite.

Arthur quietly ate a few chips.

She reached for her wine to settle her stomach, sending Arthur a glare in the process.

Arthur accepted the look.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" She whispered, holding a steady gaze with the tablecloth.


She snorted, it figured, typical Arthur, hurt her in the worst way manageable and not even try to make up for it. "I think you just pushed our back together goal to the end of April."


"I'll walk myself home tonight, I certainly don't want your company."


"I take it you don't want mine either, so why don't I just leave and leave you to your happy little party?"

"No thank you."

"You want me to stay?"

"I'd prefer you to."

"Give me five reasons why I should after you humiliated me the way you did to the entire Wizarding population of Britain."

"Cause it’s your birthday. You'll make it worse if you leave now. It’s unsafe out there. I can only think of three."

"What? You staged an attack on me as well?" She asked, but remained seated all the same.


"Nothing." She went back to her food, deciding she'd eat at least a little, this evening was for her after all.

Arthur ate quietly.

She was still shivering with anger and hurt, wondering how in the hell they were supposed to repair things with him taking cheap shots at her every chance he got. "Are you going to erase my memories of him?"


"Nick. I said you could."


"Why not?"

"Cause I shouldn't have to."

"No, you don't have to, I just thought you'd want to. Considering the mean streak you've got lately."

"Its none of my business."

"Then why did you get Rita Skeeter on my case? If it’s none of your business, none of what happened twenty minutes ago should have happened."

"I didn't Rabastan and Snape did."

"It says in plain black and white that you went to her with information, and you should have stopped them, you knew I'd get upset. And I'd appreciate it if you made a formal apology to Nick for jeopardizing his job. We are perfectly within the hospital's policies by keeping it outside, but by the article, it sounds like we were found screwing in one of the supply rooms."

"Yes Molly."

"He's done nothing to you, and you've jeopardized his job. How fair is that?"

"Not very."

"Think about that tonight, and I'm flooing him when I get back, as I need someone other than you to talk to and to somewhat explain why we're in the paper." 'Not that your behavior can be explained' she added mentally, feeling rather sick to her stomach.

"I understand."

"I suppose the next time I'll see you is at the funeral, when is it?"

"Next week."

"If I may ask, how'd she pass?"

"An attack."

"I'm sorry." She said, patting his hand.

"Does not matter" He replied, he pulled his hand away.

“Yes it does, she’s your mother.”

"Why do you care?"

"You're my husband, she's my mother-in-law. Why shouldn't I care?"

"'Cause was it not you that said 'I should've never let my children near her'? That does not sound very daughter-in-law like."

"Well, the fact is I did, and I depended on her for lots of things, especially when it was just me, Bill and Charlie. At least I don't hate her, as you've said." She retorted, it wasn't her fault he hadn't told her before hand what she had done to him, and it certainly wasn't her fault that he had been abused in the first place.

"Just drop it ok?"

"Why should I drop it? You're the one saying I'm not a good daughter-in-law."

"Just shut up!"

Molly bowed her head again, so much for trying to be supportive and nice with her conversation. She had half a mind to storm out right now; he wasn't impressing her by any means. "You're a cruel man, Arthur. I was just trying to help, but its quite obvious you don't want me in your life any longer."

"I don't want to talk about her! I'm glad she's dead! I can't wait to dance on her grave!"

"I know you are, but she is your mother. If it weren't for her, you wouldn't be here, did you ever think of that?"

"Yes but if it weren't for her we wouldn't be having this stupid conversation."

Molly gave up, pushing her plate away from her violently. "Where's my ring?"

Arthur pulled it out of his pocket and held it out.

"That's not the one I want, so you can put that back in your pocket, Arthur."

Arthur didn't he left it on the table.

"Why do you think I'd want that back?" She asked, looking around her dining ware for her engagement ring, once she found it she dropped it into the pocket of her jeans.

"Who said I want you to take it back?"

"You're certainly not going to leave it here on the table, that's for sure."

"I will."

She snatched it up, dropping it into the pocket with her engagement ring, there went her plan out the window again...so much for being proposed to a second time.

Arthur stood "Ready to leave?"

She stood, not looking at him and made her way to the door, hating him for everything.

Arthur followed her.

"Just leave me alone, you've done enough damage for one night!"

Arthur shrugged and left with a pop.

She Apparated back to her hotel, not bothering to change into pajamas and threw herself on her bed, sobbing for all she was worth.

Arthur went hom- no this was not home. He left to his old apartment now this was home.