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[Nov. 10th, 2006|10:03 pm]
Phoenix or Serpent RP


Who: Arthur/Molly
Where: The Burrow
When: A couple of days after the elder Mrs. Weasley's funeral
What: Trying out a new therapy program (Day 1 of 13)
Rating: PG

Molly made her way up the lane toward the Burrow, her arms laden with groceries, as she was quite certain there was nothing to make dinner with, as she hadn't been home in so long. After she put the groceries away and hung her cloak up, she set to work, making Arthur's favorite meal. While she was waiting for it to get done, she looked over the notes to the program she had found.

Arthur lay upstairs in bed. He had not gone anywhere since the attack.

She wondered if Arthur was home, hoping he was after that brutal attack at his mother's funeral. In her opinion, he had no business going into to work for a while.

Arthur had a flannel on his head to keep him cool.

She laid her notes on the table, poking the fire under the pots and pans on the stove, knowing that the smell would drive him out of where ever it was he was hiding if he was home.

Arthur smelt something and came downstairs.

She smiled as she heard the stairs creak behind her and turned around, offering him a smile. "Well, good morning, sleepyhead." She said, noticing his hair was sticking up in the back.


"It's evening, dear. Though it looks like you've been sleeping all day. You've got bed head."

Arthur felt the back of his head.

She smiled again, moving over to flatten his hair for him. "That's better. Have you been okay?" She asked, kissing his cheek.

"I've been good, you?"

"I've been good. I'm excited about this program I found." She said, gesturing to her notes on the table. "Dinner comes first though."


"It's about done, if you want to have a seat." She said, surprised that she was at a loss for words.

Arthur sat quietly, yawning.

"I made your favorite."

Arthur looked over "Anything you cook is my favorite."

"That's good to know, Arthur." She placed his plate in front of him, sitting across from him with her own meal.

Arthur smiled.

"How long are you off of work?" She asked, picking at her food.

"About a month."

She smiled widely, feeling very happy. "Plenty of time then, and you'll be back to work just before your last Christmas party there."

"How exciting" Arthur replied sarcastically.

"What's wrong with that?" She asked, frowning at his sarcasm.

"You enjoy those parties?"

"A little. I have some friends I talk to."

"Then that’s ok."

"Why don't you like them?"

"The whole look of everyone else being better."

"Hey, who's the head of their office?" She asked, she never liked it when he compared himself to others.

"Someone else."

"I meant you. You've got ten people under you."

"I know."

"Just because you're not as high up as some other people up there, you're successful, Arthur. You should enjoy yourself."

"I shall as long as you accompany me."

"I said I still would like to. I haven't given up on my title as 'Mrs. Weasley'." She brought her left hand above the table, wiggling her ring finger at him, showing him that she was wearing her rings.

Arthur smiled.

"You're one lucky man, Arthur Weasley. I've never been as dedicated to anything else as I have been to you."

"I know and I am grateful."

"It's time for you to prove that, Arthur. I hope you exceed my expectations with this program. I really do want to come home, but I'm not playing your games anymore."

"Yes Molly."

"I've played them way too long, and I can't take it anymore." She said, standing and putting her plate in the sink.

"Of course Molly."

She sat in the chair next to him, wondering if he was almost done so they could start.

Arthur finished off and put his plate in the sink..

"You ready to start?" She asked, transfiguring her wristwatch into a timer.


"Turn your chair to face mine." She said, turning hers as well, glancing at the notes for night one.

Arthur did as told.

She scooted hers closer to his, so their knees were touching. "Spread your legs a bit, it says my knees need to be between yours and we are to sit like this every time we do this."

Arthur thought this a bit strange.

"It's called a dyad, will you just do it, please? It forces us to make eye contact, which is step two."

Arthur did as told.

"Thank you. Now, we need to make eye contact for two solid minutes without talking. Hands in lap, dear."

Arthur looked into her eyes his hands on his thighs.

Molly rested her own hands on her lap, using her wand to set the timer and gazed into his eyes lovingly. When the timer buzzed, she read the next step aloud. "We now have three topics to discuss. Our first topic is "I chose you as the person with whom I would form an intimate relationship because and why. We each talk for three minutes on the topic, and when one of us is done, the mandatory answer for the other one is " Thank you for caring enough to share, and I promise to weigh it carefully." Do you want to go first or do you want me to?"

"You can."

"Okay. You know what you're supposed to respond with when the timer goes off?"

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully."

"Very good." She offered him a smile as she set the timer and began speaking on the topic. "I chose you as the person with whom I would form an intimate relationship with because you are kind, sweet and loyal. I saw that early on in you, and I knew you'd do your best to keep me happy. I saw you as a friend first and a lover second, and I knew you'd be a good person to spend my life with. You also care about everyone around you, and family has always come first in your eyes." The timer buzzed, and she continued to look him straight in the eyes.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully."

She smiled, resetting the timer. "Your turn."

Arthur nodded. " I chose you as the person I wanted a intimate relationship because I was attracted to your caring attitude. I knew you were perfect for a man like me and I knew if I were ever to have children you'd be my children’s mother as I hoped they would be like you." The buzzer hadn’t buzzed so Arthur continued, "You have a beautiful personality and you're friendly. I love that about you." It buzzed.

Molly smiled again; her heart was melting with all the things she had never heard him say before. "Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully."

Arthur waited to hear what came next.

"Okay, same thing, different topic. The topic now is "My greatest fear in opening up to you has been..." I'll go first, I suppose." She said, setting the timer again. She took a deep breath before she began, thinking hard about her response. "My greatest fear in opening up to you has been that I didn't trust myself enough to trust in you, I suppose. I'm at your mercy if you think about it, and I was scared if I opened up too much, I'd drive you off, which is never something I wanted to do." She paused, trying to think of more, but the timer buzzed as she opened her mouth to continue.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." Arthur thought. "Since I told you about mother and you seemed distant, i guess I was worried that if I put to much on top of you you'd disappear. I guess I didn't stop to think that possibly a little bit at a time was better than all at once" Arthur said. The buzzer buzzed.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." She replied dutifully, knowing that it had taken him a lot of courage to tell him everything he had just said and everything he had told her about his mother. "Last topic, and then we hug for thirty seconds." She said, scanning her notes for the third topic. "The topic is "What I hope to gain by opening up to you is.." After setting the timer, she began, feeling more confident about this topic than the previous one. "I hope to gain a better foundation by opening up to you, Arthur. I want to be able to share everything I'm feeling with you without fear, and I want to be able to push the bad times behind us by talking about them." She knew she had time left, but she thought she had said everything she needed to, so she sat there and smiled until the timer went off.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." Arthur thought, "I hope to get understanding from you and the feeling that I am not hiding things from you. I want you to know that I trust you enough to tell you what I’ve not told a soul." Arthur quieted, the timer went off.

She continued to smile and responded. "Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." She then reached out to hug him, to complete their session.

Arthur hugged her softly.

"I feel better already, don't you?"


"If you would like, we could do night two's topics as well." She said, but then quickly added, "Not that I'm trying to rush things."

"If you wish to. "

"I'd like that." She then moved to whisper in his ear, hardly caring that they were all alone. "If we did, it would mean one less night without me, and one night closer to having me wholly and completely again."

"Then we shall."

She smiled, pressing a soft kiss below his ear. She'd always known her presence was the best bargaining tool with him. "Same thing, except we'll skip the eye contact thing, we've got that down already."

Arthur nodded.

She pulled back, setting the timer for three minutes. "Topic one: I feel that my greatest contributions to this relationship are...Go ahead, Arthur."

"No no you first."

"All right. I feel that my greatest contributions to this relationship are that I've been loyally getting up before dawn for the past twenty-eight years to see you off to work with a full stomach and sending you off to work with a goodbye kiss and hug every morning. I feel that I've been there for you in your times of need, and that I've always done everything to my best ability to make sure you're comfortable and happy, even if I haven't always been." When the timer buzzed, she jumped, half-expecting to have a little more silence.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." Arthur really had to think about this one, " I think my greatest contribution to this family is...bringing money home and being a supporter for you and the children. I feel that I had supported you to the best of my ability until a few months ago." Arthur stopped as the buzzer went off.

Molly felt extremely sympathetic towards him at his last statement, and wanted to say something more, but knew they had to stick to the structured conversation. "Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." She figured she'd reassure him later. "Topic two: "I feel I have contaminated this relationship by..." She set the timer, wanting the rest of this to be over so she could go back and talk to him about topic one. "I feel I have contaminated this relationship by making demands that you haven't been able to fulfill, and I know I contaminated the relationship when I called you a pathetic and bad father. I can only imagine how much that hurt you, and I know it was wrong to bind you to the bed and leave you alone because I was mad. I should have had enough trust in you that if you did leave, you would return, but I didn't. As a result, I pushed us farther apart and-" She wanted to continue, but the timer cut her off.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." Arthur didn't need to think, he just blurted it out "I've contaminated this relationship by not being home enough. Piling problems on top of problems for you. Being a git and mean. Not being understanding." Sadly the timer went off.

She could sense he wanted to continue, and made a mental note to return to topic two as well. "Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." She paused, searching for topic three. "Topic three: I am most excited about our future because.." She set the timer and immediately launched into her speech. "I am most excited about our future because of the promises we made to each other. I'm looking forward to traveling with you, and spending your retirement with each other, and if possible, some sort of new addition to our family." She could probably go on forever, but the timer cut her off once again.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully" Arthur replied, he waited for the timer to be set "In the future I look forward to seeing you happy again. To being with you." The timer buzzed.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." She said, reaching out to hug him again as she stood. "I'm proud of you."

He hugged her.

"Mmm.. Up for a cuddle? I'm not ready to leave."


She reached for his hand, leading him to the sofa. "One last thing, it says we should write down our thoughts and feelings for at least five minutes in a journal for our own eyes. I suppose its up to you if you do it or not, I'm not allowed to see it anyway."


"Arthur, back to topic one, but off of the program for a minute. You have provided for us to the best of your ability, and no matter what's gone on, I feel like you've held up in that aspect, except for your emotional support."

He cuddled her.

"But that's enough therapy for one night, I just want to enjoy you." She said, tucking her head against his neck.

He held her close.

"You know what else I miss about cuddling?"

"What’s that?"

"You remember when we'd just lay down and talk, and I swear, nearly ever single time we did that, your hand would stray to certain areas."

Arthur smiled.

"I know I always gave you hard time about it, but in reality, I never minded. It just meant that you truly desired me every minute you were with me and I was still enough for you do that."

Arthur nodded.

"I want you to do that again. You never failed to take me by surprise and turn me on past all thought."

Arthur kept cuddling her.

"I'll take that as a 'yes Molly, when you come home for good I'll do that again.' "


"Look forward to it, and the fulfillment of my fantasy."


She moved to kiss his cheek, and her tongue darted out briefly. "May I stay here tonight?"

"It is your house as well."

"I know, I was asking because I have that hotel room."

Arthur shrugged.

"So you don't mind paying for a night that I'm not there?"


"Wonderful. I'll camp out here tonight then."

Arthur smiled.

"I've got to be to the hospital at seven, so I should turn in." She said, standing up and heading to the kitchen, remembering she needed her wristwatch.

Arthur made his way upstairs.

She transfigured the timer back into her wristwatch, and after making a quick trip back to her hotel room for her work uniform, she went upstairs to the master bedroom. "Hon?"

Arthur laid on the bed dozing.

"Arthur!" She said, knowing he hadn't heard her the first time.

Arthur shot up.

"I'm going to camp in Gin's room for tonight, all right?"

"Yes Molly" He replied, he wouldn’t have minded her sleep with him but if that’s what she thought best.

"No argument?" She asked, and she quickly rethought her decision, stripping down to her bra and panties while she looked for a t-shirt of his.

Arthur watched.

"Where's a t-shirt that I can sleep in?"

"Anywhere." His clothes weren't ironed just stuffed in draws.

"You haven't kept anything organized?" She asked, pulling out several drawers and seeing an assortment of clothes in each one.


"I'll certainly be busy then." She said, finally finding a button-down shirt that she knew was a lounging shirt of his. She put it on after taking her bra off, and crawled into bed with him.

He smiled.

"Thank you." She said, glad she was going to get to enjoy the sheet set they had bought almost two months ago. "Good night."


She leaned over and kissed him long and full, wondering if she'd be able to leave early enough to check out of the hotel tomorrow and come home.

He returned her kiss "Can I cuddle you?"

"Of course. Just keep that friend of yours under control."

"Of course Molly."

She scooted closer, slipping her arms around him, tucking her head under his chin. "I just made a decision."

"What was that?"

"If you'd be kind enough to get up early with me, I would like to check out of the hotel tomorrow morning and come home, but I need help with my things."

He grinned "of course!"

"Thank you. You'd have to bring my stuff home, so I can get to work on time."

"That’s ok."

"Thank you, Arthur. You don't have to unpack anything, I'll do that when I get home after work."

"Yes Molly."

"Thank you again. I'll shut up and go to sleep now."

He held her close.

"Oh, and I want to still be called 'Mollywobbles' even if I don't wobble in places anymore."

"Of course."

"Love you." She closed her eyes, and for the first time in what felt like years, she felt completely safe and secure.

"Love you."