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Who: Arthur/Molly Where: The Burrow When: Day 2 of 13 What: Sex and… - Phoenix or Serpent RP [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 18th, 2006|06:20 pm]
Phoenix or Serpent RP


Who: Arthur/Molly
Where: The Burrow
When: Day 2 of 13
What: Sex and Therapy
Rating: R

Arthur who'd been in the attic had been under the shower whilst dinner simmered.

Molly sighed wearily as she came in the back door, grateful to see that Arthur had started dinner as she hung her cloak up and put her purse on the worktop. She now had an even greater appreciation for what Arthur had done for the past thirty years, and of how easy staying at home with the kids was, even if at times they were tiring. "Arthur, I'm home!"

Arthur came down in a towel.

She smiled, her eyes freely roaming over his figure. She crossed the room towards him, wrapping her arms around him. "I appreciate everything you've done for thirty years."

"Love you."

"Love you too. Gosh, I never realized just how hard going to the office is for you." She said, pressing a kiss to his chest.

He loved her attention.

"I never realized how good I had it, Arthur. Thank you."

He hugged her.

She stroked his back lightly, burying her face into his chest, inhaling his scent. "Really Arthur. I may have done the equivalent of working two full time jobs raising the kids, but it never felt like work. I am so glad you never made me work a day in my life."

"I didn't want you to."

"I know you didn't, and I'm so thankful." She said, slipping her fingertips under the top of his towel.

"We aren't allowed Molly." He stepped back.

She frowned slightly; she just wanted to touch his bum. "I just want our first time back together to feel natural, Arthur. Like it was our first time all those years ago."

Arthur kissed her.

She returned his kiss, reaching to touch his towel-clad bum, enjoying every minute of being home.

He loved her.

When she pulled away, she had a soft grin on her face. "Besides, I need to stroke that male ego of yours a bit."

He smiled.

"So, I'm going to do that right now." She said, running her fingers through his chest hair. "First, Nick's friend wasn't nearly as big as yours."

He smiled.

"Second, you're better than him in that department." She said, rising onto her tiptoes to kiss the tip of his nose.

He smiled.

"That reassure you that I only want you?"


"If you think about it, I was with him that way for less than three weeks, dear."

"I know dear."

"Enough about that. I want to hear what you were thinking when I was giving you that blowjob."

"How much I missed you."

She rested her head against his chest, nodding in agreement. "I can imagine that self-medication doesn't satisfy you as much."

"I'm sorry. I promise that you'll be inside me again soon. I can't tell you how much I miss you in that way. What's for dinner?"

"Stir fry."

"Smells good. Thank you again for starting it."

"Its ok."

"John said he thinks he's found someone to replace me, so I might be able to quit before Christmas."


"What? We talked about this, well, a little bit anyway. I was going to quit when you retired anyway."

"I know."

"I'll go back to candy striping, I knew when I took this job it was only temporary."

"I know."

"And I'm glad it is. I honestly don't know how you've done it for thirty years."

"The Ministry isn't as bad as St Mungo’s."

"I suppose so, you mostly do paperwork, don't you?"


"I envy you. I have to do paperwork and deal with irritable people."

Arthur laughed.

"What? You try telling somebody who's in pain that you can't get them their medication because you're just an assistant."

"My people don't need medication."

"Exactly. Mine do, and they're crabby when they don't get it."

He hugged her.

"I'm glad John keeps on the maternity ward at least once a week. New mums are good patients."

He smiled.

"And playing with the babies is just a bonus." She said, reaching to stroke his shoulders.

He laughed.

"We should eat, is it done?" She asked, unbuttoning the first two buttons of her white St. Mungo's robes, she hated how confined she felt in them.

He looked over at the dinner "Nearly."

"Then I'm going to change really fast, I swear these things are made of burlap."

He smiled.

She smiled back and rushed upstairs, before she realized she had to unpack still. She sighed, and rummaged through her trunk, finding a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that she hadn't worn in twenty years. She threw them on, and headed back downstairs. "Much better, I can't tell you how much I enjoy fitting in these things again."

He whistled.

She twirled around for him, before she pulled her hair out of the ponytail she had it in. "I feel twenty years younger."

He smiled.

She smiled back; he really was a wonderful man. "Isn't there a station on the wireless playing Christmas music all the time yet?" She asked, recalling that the year before there had been one that had switched to all Christmas a couple of weeks into November.

"I'm not sure dear."

"I'll check it after dinner. I'm glad the jumpers are done."


"The Christmas jumpers...the ones I give the kids and you every year."


"You're surprised I have them done so soon, aren't you?"


"I didn't have anything else to do when you were at work, or during that week you left."

"Oh ok."

"I'm becoming quite fast at it, actually. I think I average one jumper every eight hours now."

"That’s impressive."

"It is. Dinner, therapy, snog session then bed?"


"Oh, and wedding dress fitting, forgot about that."


She kissed him sweetly, running her thumbs along his cheeks before she turned and sat at the table.

He served dinner.

"Thank you. Looks wonderful, I see you decided to brave cooking for yourself towards the end there."


"I'm glad you did. You know where my cookbooks are don't you?


"Then how?" She asked, indicating that she meant how did he make something she didn't recall teaching him.


"Of course. Those Muggle cooks any good?" She asked taking a bite

"I don’t know."

"I meant are they entertaining, dear. This good by the way. Excellent job."

"Thank you. Yes they are."

She smiled widely, reaching across the table for his hand. "You can help me with Christmas dinner then, I'd appreciate the help."


"It'll be nice cooking with you sometimes. That is if you think I'm not too bossy in the kitchen."
"You would be the chef and I the apprentice."

She continued to smile, and gave his hand a gentle squeeze. "Whip you into shape type of thing then?"

"Possibly" He replied, he returned her smile.

"I wouldn't be too harsh on you, you know that right?"

"Of course."

"This really is good. Thank you again for cooking tonight."

"Its okay."

"Really, Arthur. I appreciate it, and I bet those bathrooms are spotless, aren't they?"


"I won't be mad if they aren't. You've been by yourself for a month, I know how messy you are when left to your own devices."

Arthur smiled innocently.

"I remember spending at least a solid week cleaning that flat of yours when I moved in, and your dormitory at school wasn't that clean either."

"I wasn't the only one that lived in there."

"Who else did besides your brothers? And I know that now, but back then I didn't."

"I meant the dorm."

"Oh, well yes. Boys at that age are always messy, and I knew it wasn't just you."

He smiled.

"Besides, I've almost got you trained now, at least you put your dirty clothes in the hamper and not on the floor."

"Most of the time."

"Yes, but I can't chastise you for that, I don't always either."

He laughed.

"What?" She asked, after she had snorted into her food at his outburst.

He loved her.

"Honestly, what?"

"Love you." Haha the perfect way for not having to answer!

"Love you too, but what?"

Bummer that didn't work "Just the reason why our clothes never used to make it to the hamper."

She grinned wickedly, chuckling as well. "Well, that doesn't count, dear. There have been mornings I've just chucked mine all over the place."

"Oh really?'"

"Yes, you've never noticed?"

Arthur shook his head.

"It's all right, it was usually mid morning anyhow, as that was when I got my first chance to shower and I had to rush."

Arthur smiled.

"I felt so disgusting back then, not being able to shower everyday. I envied you." She said, picking up the dishes and putting them into the sink.

"Why not shower?"

"I couldn't, I had babies to look after."


"I tried, though. When I was really desperate, I called on your mother to come over and look after them so I could."

"Why not shower with them?'

"Some days the only time water touched me was when I was giving them a bath, and I wouldn't shower with them Arthur, that's almost improper."

Arthur shrugged.

"The point is, I survived. I managed. I may have felt utterly disgusting, but I was happy."

"Why didn't you wait for me to come home, then shower?"

"Sometimes I did, but if it was going on a couple days of not being clean, I called your mother."

Arthur nodded.

"Didn't you hear me thank her?" She asked, sitting back down, in the chair next to him.

Arthur shook his head.

"I did. Despite everything she did to you, she was a wonderful grandmum from my standpoint."


"Are you sad she's gone?" She asked quietly, resting her head against his arm.

"A little."

"That's good to hear, Arthur." She kissed his cheek, before she stood again. "Where'd you put my dress?"

"On my chair."

"I'll be right back then. Did you bring my veil down too?"


She kissed the top of his head and squeezed his shoulders gently, before going to try the dress on. She knew she had a small advantage, as she had been pregnant the last time she had worn it, and smiled as it slipped on easily. After putting her veil on as well, she returned to the kitchen. "Well?"

"Its too big."


"Its too big."

"Where? It fits just fine."

"On your bum."

"Oh. Well, I can fix that."

Arthur smiled.

"So Mr. Weasley, do I look the same as I did back then?" She asked, twirling around for him again before performing a simple tailoring charm on the dress to fix the size issue in her bum area.


"I'll take that as a yes. Now, here's hoping I can keep the weight off for two years." She said, draping her arms around him and stroking his chest.

"Of course you can."

"Mmhmm." She pressed a kiss to his neck, half wishing they were back to being intimate again. Possibly tonight, she thought, smiling inwardly.

He smiled.

"I'll be right back, set up the dyad, will you?"


She gave him another squeeze before she turned to change back into her jeans and t-shirt, wondering what he would say in response to tonight's topics, as she knew he would most likely be surprised with her responses. When she returned, she took her chair.

He spread his legs, holding his towel down.

She transfigured her watch again, setting it on the table before she summoned her notes. "Two minutes eye contact, no talking." She said, locking her gaze with his, hoping that it hadn't come out too harsh.

He obeyed; she seemed to have become different more authoritative.

When the timer beeped, she felt the need to apologize. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, Arthur."

"What for?" He asked.

"For how that came out when I sat down."

"It doesn't matter, what’s on the schedule?"

"You sure? I think I sounded kind of harsh."

"It doesn't matter, what’s on the schedule?"

She smiled at him before looking at her notes. "The first topic is the negatives we each took from our mother and father's relationship. Would you like to go first tonight?"

"No, you can."

"Okay, just promise me you'll go first sometime throughout this, please?"


"Thank you." She set the timer for three minutes, clasping her hands in her lap. "The negatives that I took away from my mother and father's relationship are that they hardly ever showed affection in front of us kids. To me, it seemed like they were only civil to each other for appearances' sake, and I didn't feel that they loved each other. As a result of that, I felt as though my existence was almost a mistake, as it always seemed like my parents were going in opposite directions." She couldn't think of anything else, as it had been almost thirty years since the last time she had been with her parents, so she remained silent until the timer went off.

"Thank you for caring enough to share, and I promise to weigh it carefully."

"Your turn." She said, resetting the timer, and nodding to him.

"The facts that I can't always depend on you though I know you are doing something wrong. The fact that the wife should always be the dominant one. That I should stand by you no matter what." The clock buzzed.

"Thank you for caring enough to share, and I promise to weigh it carefully." She gave him a slight smile, and reached for her notes. Merlin, she was finding it a little hard to concentrate, considering his state of dress. "Topic two: "The most positive things I took away from my mother and father's relationship are..." She reset the timer, and took a deep breath to clear her mind before she began. "The most positive things I took away from my mother and father's relationship are that even though they did seem to run in opposite circles all the time, every once in a while, we'd stumble in on them having tea and a conversation together." Merlin, Arthur, I can hardly talk about this, you should have gotten dressed. "They also seemed like they were a team when it came to raising us, even though we tried to play them like most kids do, we couldn't. Father always agreed with Mother and vice versa." She wasn't surprised when the timer buzzed, considering she had lost about a minute when she had just been staring at him.

"Thank you for caring enough to share, and I promise to weigh it carefully." Arthur stared into space and wondered what he could say... "Most positive thing I took out of their relationship was the Loyalty my Father had for my mother" He sat there for most of the time and waited for it to buzz.

"Thank you for caring enough to share, and I promise to weigh it carefully." Molly offered him a wide smile, glad that this was the last topic. Six minutes and thirty seconds more, Molly-girl and then you can launch yourself at him. "The last topic is: 'Our relationship has such a better chance because...' " She sighed, thinking hard as she reset the timer. "Our relationship has such a better chance because we're not going in opposite directions all the time; we're heading toward the same goal. Also, I may have been the disciplinarian with the kids, but I knew that you agreed with me in their punishments, as we had discussed that sort of thing when we were expecting Bill." The buzzer went off, and she couldn't help but to lock her eyes on his chest in the time it took him to respond.

"Thank you for caring enough to share, and I promise to weigh it carefully." Arthur needed no time and merely replied, " Because you ain't a slut."

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully. We're done, except for our thirty-second standing hug." She stood, restraining herself from plopping into his lap and snogging him for all she was worth.

He hugged her.

She returned the hug, for what seemed much longer than thirty seconds. "Will you start a fire? I'm in a cuddling mood."

"Yes Mollywobbles."

"Thank you. I'll be right back, I'm going to get a blanket from the closet for us to lay on." She kissed his cheek quickly before she bounced off, knowing she was most likely going to surprise him with her intentions.

He started the fire and cuddled up in his chair.

She offered him her best smile when she returned, and beckoned to him once she had smoothed the blanket out on the floor. "Come here, you."

He got up and lay in the middle of the blanket.

She settled herself next him, resting her head on his shoulder and a hand on his chest, which immediately started to run itself through his chest hair. "You've been driving me crazy ever since I got home, do you realize that?"


"You have, Mr. Weasley. I could hardly concentrate back there for a little bit." She said, kissing his cheek.

"Then I must be doing a good job."

"You are, and I can't tell you how happy that's making me alone. I'm in the mood for a nice long snog, with lots of feeling each other up."

"Is that on the schedule?"

"A snog session was, and feeling each other up is always allowed with snogging, dear." She replied, grinning wickedly as she raised herself up on her elbow.

He caught her lips.

She smiled into the kiss, returning it with all of her being before her tongue sneaked out and started to lick his lips.

He pulled her on top of him.

She held back a moan, beginning to stroke his chest and sides with both of her hands. There was no doubt left in her mind, she was horny.

His hands rested on the small of her back.

Deciding she'd be a little daring, she loosened his towel, and reversed their positions, wanting him on top of her with his full weight.

He kissed her passionately.

She returned his kisses as feverishly as he gave him, unable to hold back soft whimpers. She undid the fastenings of her jeans, pushing one of his hands down her stomach. "Arthur,"

His fingers found her clit.

She bucked her hips at him, reveling in how good it felt even though there was a layer of fabric between his hand and her. She slid a hand down his back, pulling his towel off and gripping his bum.

"That’s not fair and you know it."

"You haven't been playing fair ever since I got home dear. Besides, your hands are capable, undress me, I feel extremely over dressed."

"But its not day 13..."

"Who said we had to play by the rules when it came to this? I never said we had to wait until we were finished with therapy, did I?"

"Not precisely."

"Exactly. Make mad, passionate love to me, find all my pleasure spots again." She said, playing with his hair. “If you haven't noticed, you've got a horny wife."

He was shocked she wanted this.

"Please, Arthur. Take me back to our first time together."

Arthur slid her pants off.

Molly smiled, catching his mouth with hers as she lifted up to help him. Her entire body was quivering with excitement; she had missed him so much over the past month.

He'd pulled her underwear down with it.

"So far so good, dear." She said, tilting her head to one side so he could have access to her neck, wondering if he remembered what happened when he sucked on her ear.

He wasn't interested in her upper body anymore. He moved down and licked, sucked and nibbled.

Her eyes fluttered close as he began his descent on her, and she let loose a hearty moan. "You read my mind."

He continued.

"Merlin, Arthur. I certainly wasn't expecting this so soon." She said between gasps as she arched her hips and lightly gripped his hair.

He liked pleasing her.

All too soon, she felt the beginning of her orgasm, and she dug her nails into his scalp, unable to control herself. Now, if only he'd do some more exploring, she'd be the happiest woman in the world.

He removed his mouth and inserted a finger.

"A-Arthur," she moaned, squeezing her inner muscles around his fingers. She was almost ready to beg him to kiss her everywhere else; her breasts were aching for his touch.

He found a wand and waved it her top garments disappearing. He played with her.

"Breasts, babe. And explore, you're forgetting that I believe," she said, thinking he was blocking his thoughts.

He was trying to...He removed his hands, they found her breasts. He nibbled at her earlobe.

She moaned heartily, vocally showing him her approval. Merlin, sex with him hadn't been this good since Valentine's Day.

He did everything he knew would drive her mad.

She couldn't help but dig her nails into his back, while her other hand stroked his cock slowly, as her legs wrapped themselves around him. Between him and the fire glowing in the fireplace, she was sweating.

He smirked a habit he'd picked up.

She looked lovingly into his eyes, smiling at the sweat that was beading up on his face. He was so sexy.

He couldn't stop himself, he entered her.

She gasped in surprise, bucking her hips against his. "I've been missing that element of surprise too, dear. You're so good at this."

"Experience wobbles experience."

"I know. Years of practice makes it all the more better." She kissed him sweetly, nibbling at his bottom lip.

He slipped his tongue into her mouth Thrusting in and out in and out.

She rolled her tongue over his, her left hand trailing down his back again to grip his bum. Which reminded her of something, that had everything to do with what they were doing now.

Arthur’s hand gripped her clit.

She whimpered. Years of practice did have its benefits when things were good between them.

His tongue rolled around with hers.

She detached her mouth from his, needing air. "Merlin, Arthur." She said, burying her nose in the dip between his neck and shoulder, inhaling his scent.

He continued to thrust.

Her second orgasm took her by surprise; she had been too wrapped up in the fact Arthur was inside her and very hard, to pay attention to her own body.

He was enjoying tonight.

"I love you."

"Love ya."

She stroked him everywhere she could reach, determined to push him over the edge, almost aching to feel his seed spill inside her.

It didn't take much.

She smiled when she felt his muscle spasms under her hands, and adjusted to kiss his nose. "You are sexy when you come."

He smirked again.

"What about me?" She asked, stroking his cheek lovingly before massaging his temples with her fingertips.

"I can't say that."

"What can you say?"

"I can't say that cause you're always sexy. I can say you're always sexy."

Her face broke into a wide smile. "You silly man, you're always sexy to me too, I was just saying that you're all the more sexy when you come."

He poked his tongue out cutely.

She giggled before she caught his tongue with her own mouth. "I haven't felt this good in ages."

"Netha huve I" He tried to reply.

She released his tongue, giggling again. "Half of me wishes I didn't have a job and I could stay like this with you all day tomorrow."

"Ew No way."

"What do you mean, ew?"

He smiled "I'd have to get new tactics..."

"Not necessarily, I know that there's a few things we could experiment with, and try a couple of things again. And there's always that fantasy we could play out."

"That’s soon."

"Of course. I was just stating that it wouldn't be so bad, dear." She said, grinning wickedly.

"I know."

"I might just call in, John would understand, and between sessions I'd be able to unpack a bit."

Arthur shook his head "you're naughty."

"So are you. I can name at least three times you didn't go to work because you wanted your wife too much."

"That’s not the point."

"Then what is your point, Mr. Weasley?" She asked playfully, kissing him sweetly.

"You won't wanna stay home tomorrow."

"Oh? What's going on?"

"Special things."

"You've got something planned that you don't want me to see before I come from work, don't you?"


"Tell me what's going on then, you've got my attention."


"Pretty please?" She asked, batting her eyelashes at him.


She pouted slightly, but in a playful manner, she couldn't deny that she was an extremely curious witch.


"Please? If you tell me, I've got something that you might like."


"Not what I was thinking of, but I have some of that too."


"Still not what I'm thinking of, but if you wanted it, of course I'd give it to you."

"I'll tell you if you tell me first."



"I was wondering if you wanted to try out those toys I've got, and was wondering if you'd let me play with you anally, dear."

...Arthur was silent.

"Please? You liked it last time."


"Your turn." She said, wriggling around a little bit, squeezing her muscles around his cock.

"I brought a really cool thing."

"Oh? What is it?"

"A computer."

"So you want to play with that all day tomorrow, don't you?" She asked, seeing a hint of the light that always graced his eyes when he started talking about his Muggle things.

"Only in the morning!"

She giggled, hugging him tight. "I take it you want me to call in tomorrow."

"Yup." He smiled.

"I say I'll think about it, I kind of enjoy working, and coming home to a husband who's all domestic now."

"Only for a little while longer."

"Yes, I know." She quieted for a few moments, running her hands through his hair thoughtfully. "Are you proud of me for achieving my goal and have you remembered to put the seat down when you're done with the loo, or do I have to retrain you?"

"I'm not a puppy,” He pouted.

"I know you're not, but it is a behavior. Are you proud of me?" She asked again, tracing his bald spot with her finger.

He poked his tongue out. "Of course."

"Thank you. So do I have to re-teach you about that? Though, I think it can be said that in the first place you never fully remembered you were living with a woman."

"Not my fault you don't have a cock."

"I know its not. Though I do appreciate not falling in the toilet, dear."

He snorted then cracked up laughing.

"What? There have been nights I've gotten up to use it, and not turned the lights on and not checked with my hands to see if the seat was down and nearly fallen in."

He snorted then cracked up laughing.

She smacked his chest lightly, shaking her head. "It's not funny!"

"It is."

"Not on my end. I guess my question is do I have to go back to asking you every time you come out if you've put it down or not like I did when we first moved in together."


She giggled, kissing him. "All right. You hated me back then, didn't you?"


"I'm sorry, but honestly, its common courtesy."

"I do do it."

"I never said you didn't, dear. I just thought with me not being here you'd have slacked off on putting it back down is all." She said seriously, offering him a smile.


"That's very good to hear. Mmm....I say you let me up so I can get a few things."

Arthur got up and then helped her.

"Thank you. I'll be right back, I promise." She said, sauntering towards the stairs to go to their bedroom.

He laid back on the blanket wrapping himself up in them.

She quickly gathered the things they would need, and offered her husband a smile when she returned with his box of condoms, the toys she had bought, lubricant and her latex gloves.

He continued to lie there.

She settled herself next to him again, putting the things in a pile within reach. She kissed him softly before she asked, "Aren't you a little curious as to why I brought all of this down?"


"Part of it. Talk to me babe, what do you want?"

"I dunno."

"Well, here's the thing I told you enhanced intercourse if you put them in your anus." She said, handing him a set of anal beads.

He didn't wanna touch it.

"They're clean, Arthur. I bought two sets, one for you, one for me. These are yours, so they haven't been used yet. Go ahead, they don't bite."

He took them.

She smiled. "They don't hurt, I promise."

"What do I do?"

"Hold on to this end," she said, pointing to the larger end, and kissing him. "Then, you put this end inside." She said, pointing out that the beads were arranged to get gradually larger as they went towards his hand.

He did as instructed.

"It's flexible, so don't worry about hurting yourself. Well?"


"I was asking what you thought. Or trying to, I suppose." She replied.

"I dunno."

"Give them a try, Arthur. Please."

He moved the one in his hand around thinking that was what he was meant to do.

She reached to touch his penis, trying out the theory that it enhanced it for him when he was by himself, it was no mystery how it could enhance it for him when she used them. "Is it pleasant?"

"A little."

She smiled, kissing him. "I think the idea is that we both put them in during intercourse, dear. We'll come back to those in a little while."

He pulled it out.

She used a cleaning charm to clean it before she set aside and reached for the thing that looked like a penis. "Do you know what this is?"


"Yes, and its a vibrator too." She turned it on low speed, running it along his length.

He squirmed.

"You like that?"

"Its nice."

She kissed him. "That's my opinion too, I can tell you it feels just like you when I'm masturbating with it."

"No way! I'm better!"

"Yes, you're better, I was just saying that the sensations are the same, and it feels like your cock inside me."

He smiled, he played with the vibrator.

"That's it for the toys, so, what do you want to do? Give me a show, give me anal, have regular intercourse with the beads, or me playing with you anally?"

"Mine!" Arthur said gripping the vibrator and disappearing to their bedroom.

Molly followed him, curious as to what he wanted to do. "Arthur, wait!"

He was playing with the vibrator.

"Arthur, please, may I watch? I'll give you anything in return."

"You can watch. But you have to cook me cookies afterwards."

"I will. Tell me where I'll have a good view." She said, glancing about their room, becoming turned on at just the thought of getting to see something she'd never had the pleasure of seeing before.


She conjured a chair and sat near the bed, knowing she'd most likely have to have a go at herself during this. "Go ahead, you sexy man."

His friend was already hard so it'd only be a little bit until he spilled. He ran the vibrator up and down on top and under as his other hand rubbed his balls.

Molly watched, becoming wetter by the minute. Without even realizing it, one of her hands had delved between her legs and the other was kneading her breast. She kept from crying out, it was better than she ever expected.

He continued.

She rubbed her clit softly, mesmerized by the sight in front of her. She had never known the pleasure he got from watching her, and now she knew. They'd have to do this more often, she declared mentally.

He spilled.

Molly moaned aloud when she saw him come. "Merlin Arthur. I didn't know you could get off that fast." She said, her fingers now furiously rubbing herself and kneading her breast.

He watched her losing interest in himself.

She bucked her hips off the chair, thrusting into her hand. "Can I have that?"

He handed it to her.

"Thank you." She immediately rolled it around her nipples, and trailed it down her stomach. She then spread her legs, pressing it to her clit before she slid it inside, moaning loudly.

He watched.

"Ooo..." She felt her orgasm take her, and she gasped for breath, running her hands along her stomach and breasts.

He sat watching.

She offered him a smile as she stood and squatted, pushing the dildo out of her and into her hand.

Arthur said, "I'll never put that thing in me!"

"Why? Its quite pleasurable."

"Its too weird to get out!"

"I could have pulled it out, dear, but I like that way better. Almost like giving birth, except to a smaller baby and no pain."


"What?" She asked, she wasn't quite sure what he meant. When he didn't answer, she asked again. "What is it?"

"Birth ew!"

"Sorry dear, but its the truth. And really, don't let that stop you from experimenting."

"I'm not sticking that up here."

"That's fine, I'll never force you, you know that." She said, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him gently. "Thank you for the show, it was better than I could ever imagined."

"Cookie time!"

"Yes it is." She said, giving him a wink and heading back downstairs. "I believe the only thing I'll put on will be my apron, Arthur."

"That’s good."

She smiled, licking her lips. When she got down to the kitchen, she pulled her apron on and gathered the ingredients.

Arthur waited then snuck down.

She hummed as she began preparing the dough, thinking over the events of the last few hours and smiling widely. She'd done it; they were more than back on track.

He squatted behind her and brought his head between her legs and started nibbling.

"Arthur, love, you forgot one tiny detail." She said, spreading her legs a bit to give him more access as her eyes closed.


"Kissing and rubbing your way up my legs, and then oral. And you were supposed to start teasing me verbally so I can protest." She said, keeping her voice even and loving, it had been ages since she'd told him about this.

He nipped at her thighs.

She moaned approvingly, even if it hadn't started out the way she imagined it would, everything was better than she imagined it, as she was quickly finding out.

He licked the opposite thigh.

She forced herself to concentrate on the cookie dough, even though his touch was causing her to quiver.

He made his way up and down.

"Arthur," she said, beginning to mix the dough.

"I can stop if you really want me to..."

"No, don't. You're doing fine." She said, almost with a whine, he really was a sweet man, and she couldn't find any fault with the way this was going.

He returned to nipping and occasionally licking her thighs and groin.

She whimpered, he was successfully breaking down her concentration, and she was surprised she wasn’t sore, considering how much they'd gone at it already.

He kept on going.

"Oh, Arthur. Take me." She moaned, unable to take the teasing anymore. She reached behind her to guide his cock to her.


"Need you in me. Now." She said, spreading her legs a bit more and setting the bowl she was holding onto the counter.

He needn't be told a third time.

She groaned loudly, leaning into him. She pulled his hands around her, pushing one up towards her breasts and the other between her legs.

He screwed her hard.

Moans poured from her throat, he hadn't taken her from behind since the last time she had been pregnant. She had almost forgotten how good it felt, and it didn't hurt that he was giving it to her hard either. She rose up onto her toes with each of his thrusts, and she entertained the thought that they were extremely lucky to have the house to themselves, considering that they would have never gotten away with this with children around.

He kept on going.

"Oh, Arthur. I love you so much. Kiss me, please."

He snogged her.

She smiled at the feel of his lips on her cheeks and her neck, and bucked against him as she felt her orgasm take her, and she was grateful for his arms around her to keep her upright.

He leaked out.

She gasped for breath, resting her head on his shoulder. "Merlin Arthur, I think you just insured that I'm staying home." She said happily, rubbing her back against him.


"My excuse will be I'm sore, and I might say I had a wild night. Let's turn in, hmm?"


"Actual bed or in front of the fire?" She asked tiredly, yawning.


"In front of the fire then, its closer." She said, closing her eyes, and half wondering if he had the strength to carry her into the sitting room.

He kind of had a feeling she wanted to be carried so he did.

She nestled against him, smiling softly when they had gotten settled. "Thank you. Good night, I love you."

"Love you." He yawned and slept.