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[Dec. 9th, 2006|09:38 pm]
Phoenix or Serpent RP


Who: Molly/Arthur
Where: The Burrow
When: Day 4 of 13
What: Therapy/Fantasies
Rating: R
Status: Partially completed

Molly came downstairs, wearing a bright green halter top and her favorite pair of jeans, feeling a little nervous, as she'd never given anyone a lap dance before, but figured it couldn't be too bad, as this was her husband she was talking about.

He was sitting in his chair bored of the computer, as it wouldn't turn on.

"Sweetheart," She said, crossing the room toward him, hoping he was feeling better since she had given him some medicine.

He looked up and his jaw fell open.

She smiled, settling herself in his lap so she was straddling him. "If you'd be so kind, would you direct me a little?"

Arthur smirked. "I dunno I saw it on a movie."

"I'd like if you did, I've never done this before." She said, moving so she was slightly off center, rubbing herself against his leg.

He seriously didn't know how to explain it. "I think what you're trying to do is turn me on."

"Okay." She replied, running her hands up and down his chest as she continued to rub herself against his leg.

Arthur watched her.

She then cupped her breast, teasing her nipple so he could see it through the fabric, as she didn't have a bra on.

He licked his lips.

She smiled, thinking she had to be doing something right, and moved so she was back over his crotch, continuing to rub herself against him.

He lent up and tried to kiss her.

She allowed his lips to connect with hers, but only briefly. When she pulled back, she took off her top, so her breasts were in full view.

He was immediately trying to get at them.

She pressed herself firmly against him, letting him do what he wanted to with her breasts. She was turning herself on, and reached down to squeeze his thigh.

He licked and nipped.

She moaned softly, forcing his legs apart with her own, so she ground even more firmly against him.

He moaned.

"Baby, you do want sex after this, don't you?"


"Is that a yes?"

He kind of nodded.

She smiled, it meant she could disrobe even more, and slid her jeans off, revealing a pair of lacy panties. She kept her breasts within his reach; enjoying the attention he was giving them.

He liked this.

She continued to grind herself against him, as her hands moved to begin unbuttoning his shirt and stroke his chest.

He was fascinated with her chest.

"How am I doing, babe?" She asked, as one hand made its way towards the top of his trousers.

"Perfect" He whispered.

She kissed the top of his head as his own lips were buried against her chest. Her hand found its way to the bulge beginning to form in his trousers, cupping it firmly.

He squirmed a little bit.

Her hands began traveling his entire body, squeezing and rubbing, before she reached to undo his trousers.

He liked this VERY VERY much.

"Baby, won't you make some noises for me?" She asked, putting on a sultry voice, so it came out almost like a purr.

He kissed her and lent back.

She slipped his trousers off, admiring his bulge before kissing her way across his chest and down his stomach.

He groaned at the feeling of her so close.

She dipped her tongue into his navel, squeezing his thighs and trailing her kisses still lower. "Louder, Arthur."

He murmured something about her.

"Let me hear you baby," She whispered loud enough so he could hear, she wanted to know what he had just said.

"Fuck you're good at this."

She smiled, not even caring that he had just swore. "Thank you." She then slid his boxers to the floor, stroking his erection.

He growled.

She reached for one of his hands, putting it in direct contact with her skin, before she began licking and kissing his cock.

He groaned.

She took him into her mouth, only to let him slip free within moments, wanting him to be fully inside her instead.

He pulled her up to him so he could kiss her.

She kissed him back, pressing herself firmly against his chest, holding back a soft moan.

His hands played in all the sensitive areas.

She smiled as his hands slid into her panties, and bucked her hips into his hand. "Arthur,"


"I don't think I have much." She whispered, kissing him again and running her hand through his hair.

He moved so he was on top of her.

She whined, she wanted sex in the position they had just been in. "Arthur Weasley..."


"I want to have sex in the position we were just in, that's what. Don't you remember what it felt like?"

He shook his head.

"So deep...like you were going all the way to my back."


"Please?" She asked, making it come out like a whine.


"You don't have to be crabby."
"I'm not being crabby."

"It sounded like you were, I'm sorry." She kissed him twice for apology, and pushed his hand more firmly against the area between her legs.

He liked this.

She decided she'd let him dictate when they resumed their original positions, as it WAS his fantasy, and she had butt in a bit.

He moved again so he was under her.

"Thank you." She said, resting her head against his shoulder as she lifted up a bit, hoping he'd get the hint and remove her panties.

He removed her panties watching what he was doing,

When he had removed the fabric, she pushed her wet clit against his erection, moaning at the contact.

He loved this.

She continued to rub herself against him, allowing his tip to just penetrate her opening before allowing it to slip out again. "So good."


"Its your call when we begin, dear." She whispered, kissing him softly before becoming a bit more aggressive.

He kissed her. Every time she came close he tried to put himself in her.

She finally got his hint, and anchored her hips above him, pulling his hands to rest on top of her hips. "I haven't heard what you're known to say to me yet, dear." She said, resting so she was just barely out of his reach to enter her.

He pushed up "My Mollywobbles."

"Yes, but what else?" She asked, even though she had allowed him to enter her

"I love you."

"I love you too, but there's something else, how about along the lines of my looks?" She asked, remaining perfectly still, she couldn't move much in this position.

"You're very very very very attractive."

"Thank you. Now, I can't move, so you've got to do the work, babe." She replied, wriggling her hips the best she could.

He thrusted diagonally.

"Mmm... better than I remember." She said, squeezing her muscles around him as he moved.

Up and down. Up and down.

"Baby, why are you so quiet?"

He didn't know.

She kissed his forehead and rested her hands on his shoulders. "Aren't you being pleasured?"


"I'll take that as a yes, but you were moaning not more than fifteen minutes ago...you sure something isn't wrong?"

He kissed her to quiet her.

She kissed back, but it didn't alleviate her worries that she was doing something wrong. "Babe."


"You want to be touched, or you want to touch me someplace other than my hips?"


"You can move your hands sweetheart, I have no objections." She smiled, kissing him heatedly as she moved her hands to stroke his chest and side.

His hands moved to one between her legs on her clit and one on her breast.

She groaned at his touch, arching into him. "You have to tell me what you want, sweetie, I can't read your mind."

"Not yet you can't."

"I don't think I want to read your mind anyway, I like hearing you tell me instead." She said, kissing a trail down his throat and chest.

He liked this.

"I do love you and this. We have to make up for that month apart, Arthur."

"We are slowly."

"Yes we are. You're doing wonderful in therapy."


"I just have to tell you that I'm proud of you. You had me worried for a long time."

He frowned.

"You did, honey. Don't take it the wrong way."

"No more trying to fuck."


"No talking."

"Yes, dear." She quieted, her words turning to moans, groans and whimpers instead.

Sometimes when she blurted stuff out during sex it was a turn off.

She continued to kiss him, and she somehow maneuvered her hand between them and stroked the area behind his balls.

He liked this.

When she felt her climax take her, she bucked against him, moaning loudly. "Arthur."

She set him off.

She rested against his chest, breathing heavily as she slipped her arms around him. "That was great."


"I love you." She nipped at his lips playfully, cuddling a bit closer.

"Love you too."

"Want your clothes back?" She asked, she was a little cold.


"I'm cold, dear. Can you summon a blanket then? Please?"

He did.

"Thank you." She snuggled into him, after wrapping herself in the blanket, sighing contentedly.

He closed his eyes.



"Why'd you tell me to shut up?" She asked, nestling her head under his chin.

"Cause sometimes when you blurt things out during love making it turns me off."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you for telling me."

He was blushing, though he had his eyes closed.

"I won't talk anymore, only to tell you something feels good or that I love you, I promise. I just wish you had told me sooner baby." She said, giggling as she noticed his face and neck turn red. "Its nothing to be embarrassed about, Arthur."

He kissed her.

She kissed him back, sighing softly. "Really, I don't know why it took you so long in the first place, that's almost thirty years of me blurting stuff out at you."


"That's your answer for everything today, isn't it?"


"I don't mind, as long as you as do the dyad properly, which I know you will." She closed her eyes, just wanting to rest comfortably against him.

He yawned.

"As I fulfilled another fantasy of yours, do you want to know another one of mine?" She asked, tracing a finger down his chest.


"I want to be slammed up against the wall just because you're so turned on you can't wait another moment. Preferably when you or I come home from work."


"Remember a couple of times you did that in the past? I loved it, you know."

He smiled.

"I love it when it’s wild and unrestrained dear." She said, kissing his cheek.

He continued to smile.

"I'll take your silence to mean that you do too. Are you up for the dyad?"


"Mmm." She disentangled herself from him; missing the feeling of being full he left behind in the area between her legs.

He liked today.

"You won't object if I put my undergarments on, will you?" She asked, summoning a bra and pulling her panties back on.


She pulled her bra on, and wrapped herself back up in the blanket. "You sure you're not cold?"

"Wish I had your body temperature." She replied, summoning two chairs from the kitchen and conjuring the small table once again.

"Can't I just sit here?"

She thought for a moment, and decided her sitting in a kitchen chair and him in his chair would work just fine. "I suppose, sit up though."

He did as told.

She banished the extra chair back to the kitchen, and pulled hers to the front of his before she sat down. This time, she spread her legs slightly, allowing his to rest between them.

He sat and stared into her eyes.

She stared back, smiling all the while until the timer buzzed. "I have something to read to you before we start on the topics."


She cleared her throat, and began. "We all make agreements that we fail to keep. Maybe it is something as simple as taking out the trash or calling if we are going to be late, or as complex as agreeing to love and respect our partner. Even small broken agreements can put bumps in the road for our relationships. Such behavior can and does send a message to your partner that he or she was not important enough to you to win out in the competition for your time and energy. Examine this issue honestly and from the heart. Be specific in detailing the agreements that you have broken. Force yourself to identify the specific instances. For example, "I broke an agreement with you when I said I would pick up the dry cleaning a week ago Tuesday. Do not explain or justify them to your partner, just acknowledge them by listing them. Your three minutes may be filled up by agreements you have broken in the recent past, or you may include those that are from years gone by." She gave him a minute to process it, before she spoke again. "Any questions?"

'What’s calling?"

"Oh, I think using those fellytone things. This is from a Muggle therapist."


"James looked it over before I said anything, and he said it would work, and it has, so it doesn't make a difference, does it?"


She smiled, and looked back at her notes. "Topic one is agreements that I have made with you and then broken or failed to live up to are, would you like to go first or do you want me to?"

"I will." He waited till the timer was set, then started "I made a promise to you that I’d always be there for you and I haven't been there a lot this year. I also promised to be a loving and dedicated husband and I haven't lived up to that in the past year. I broke the promise of not working so late." The buzzer thing went off.

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." She replied resetting the timer for herself. "Agreements that I have made with you and then broken or failed to live up to are..." She paused, thinking for a moment, she tried hard in everything that she did, that she hardly believed there had been anything she'd failed to live up to. "I broke our promise of not resorting to separation again by leaving a month and a half ago. I broke my promise of being a good wife to you, as I knew you'd have trouble adjusting to life without me when I left. I broke my promise of loving you forever, as there have been times this year where I've hardly loved you or haven't loved you at all."

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully."

She smiled slightly, looking back at her notes. "Topic two: "It hurts me when you break agreements because..." She reset the timer for him, and sat wringing her hands in her lap.

"Its seems to me that it hurts you that I can not be trusted and it may seem I don't love you enough to keep those promises. It would hurt that I couldn't find the time for you." The buzzer thing buzzed

She held up a hand to stop him, holding back an amused smile. "You answered for the wrong side of the question again, dear. How does it make you feel when I break agreements?"

"Oh." He waited for it to be reset "You barely ever break them. I, when you do, feel as though I was the problem and that it was all my fault."

She nodded in approval, smiling all the while. "Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." She set the timer again; knowing what she was going to say was fairly close to his assessment of her feelings. "It hurts me when you break agreements because I do feel like you don't care enough to what I asked. That I'm not important enough to you to win out over your Muggle obsession and work. When you break agreements, it does chip away at my trust in you, as I would like to think that when I ask for things to be done, they will be, without me saying another word."

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully."

Her hands stilled, and she looked at her notes one last time. "Final topic, "You feel better about yourself when you treat me with dignity and respect because.." She said, rewording it so he wouldn't get messed up a second time, even though she found it adorable. "Go ahead."

"It makes me feel an equal and shows me that you love me." Was all he had to say. He sat quietly until it buzzed

"Thank you for caring enough to share and I promise to weigh it carefully." She found his answer adorable and caring, and couldn't wait to tell him that. "I feel better about myself when I treat you with dignity and respect because it reminds me that you are my partner. It also reminds me that you are human too, and it’s not my place to come down on you so hard. When I treat you with dignity and respect, it proves to me and to you that I do care about your feelings and that I love you."

"Thank you for caring enough to share and i promise to weigh it carefully."

She set her notes aside and transfigured the buzzer back into her wristwatch before she settled herself back in his lap. "This is just as good as the hug, don't you think?"


"Your last answer was utterly and completely sweet and adorable, you know."

"I am utterly and completely adorable though."

"Yes you are. Just one of the many reasons I fell completely head over heels for you."

He grinned cheekily.

She kissed him, wiping the look off of his face. "Did you figure out your computer?"

"Nope. Its a very complicated machine."

She shook her head, wondering if it was something that was actually simple, but because he was a man, he hadn't figured it out yet. She got up and went to the kitchen where it was still set up and pressed the power button, smiling as it began beeping and whirring. "I think I found what you were looking for."

He came in and was shocked.

"What?" She asked, smirking slightly.

"How'd you do that?

"I just pushed this button here." She said, pointing to the round button on the part of the computer that was upright.


"And I believe this is turned on by this button here." She said, pressing the button to turn on the monitor as well.


"I'm actually smarter than you when it comes to some things. Admit it."

"You are smar-smart-smarter than me at a few things."

She smiled as he stuttered it out, wrapping her arms around him. "Well, there you are, I can leave now if you want to play with your new toy."


"All right, what do you want to do then?"


"What would you like?"


"I know that, goofball, what kind of food?"


"Everything I make is edible, what do you want?" She replied, heading to the pantry for her apron, smiling as she remembered their activities from the other day regarding the kitchen and the apron.


"Thank you." She dug the chicken pieces she had preserved out of the pantry, and after heating the oil up, she dropped them in. "Fried is fine, I hope."

"Of course."

It was only a matter of minutes before it was done, and she dished it up for him. "There you are, dear."

He drowned it in ketchup and ate. "Thank you.'

"You're welcome." She said, having prepared a chicken salad for herself.

He ate quietly.

She wondered why he was so quiet all of a sudden, but decided to brush it to the side for the time being.

He started chatting about what the office was throwing out and how much things he'd acquired.

She half listened, finding it hard to keep up with him. "Slow down babe. You haven't been there, how do you know all of this?"


"Thought you didn't talk to anybody at work?"

"The head of the other office wrote to me."

"Ah. What's his name?" She asked, now that the conversation was down to a reasonable pace, she could keep up.


"Oh. Isn't he the one who took your old position when you got promoted?"


"Glad to see he hasn't forgotten you then."


"I know you miss your spark plugs."


"I'm glad you took your promotion anyway, though. I was glad that Scrimgeour was willing to give you a chance."

Arthur smiled.

"That's all you needed, really. It was never your fault you stayed in the same place for so long." She reached across the table and patted his hand.

He ate.

She had finished her own meal, and put her dishes in the sink. "Did you want me to leave you alone so you can tinker with that thing?" She asked, gesturing to the computer.


"Oh? What do I get to do then?"

"I dunno."

"You want me to watch?" She asked, sitting in the chair next to his and resting a hand on his thigh, unconsciously running it up and down his leg.

He liked her attention.

She squeezed gently, wondering if she was driving him a little wild, even though she wasn't sure where this friskiness was coming from.

He liked her attention.

She remained silent, still wondering herself why she was doing what she was doing, considering he wasn't responding to her.

He continued to eat.

She stopped her rubbing; she obviously wasn't going to pry him away from his meal for even a brief period of time. Men.

He looked over at her.

She raised an eyebrow at him, trying to look innocent.

"What did you do?"


"What did you do?"

"Nothing. What do you think I did?"

"Something naughty...Where’s Errol?"

"Oh, he's out delivering sweets to the children. He'll be back in a few days. Why?"

"What did you feed him?

"What do you mean what did I feed him? He's had a couple Owl Treats, and whatever he's hunted."

Arthur chuckled.



"Something. Its as plain as what I was doing less than five minutes ago."

He nodded.

"Sooo, what is it?"

"Nuffin muffin."

"Why'd you ask about Errol then?"

"Old habits."

She snorted at that. "Like I'm going to believe that, you hardly ask about him."

He rolled his eyes

"You're being difficult, what's on your mind?"


"And what I was up to?"


"All right, I'm a bit horny, you happy now?"

"Of course."

"Though I don't know why, considering how much we went at it the other day, and just now." She shook her head, guessing it had been the time they spent apart doing this to her body. They'd already surpassed their average of three times a week.

He smiled.


"Nuffin muffin."

"Something, you're thinking dirty again."

"Of course."



"Share please? I share." She pressed, scooting closer and resting her hand on his thigh again.

"You and me in the hammock or skinny dipping in the lake."

"That sounds wonderful, actually. I was going to ask you if you wanted me to get some gillyweed from work so we could shag in the lake."


"Hammock for today then? I'll get some gillyweed tonight."


"Race you." She said, standing and rushing out the door.

He Disapparated and Apparated into the hammock.

"Cheater." She said, smacking him lightly when she got there, gasping for breath.

He laughed.

"What? You DID cheat."

"No I used my brain.'

"No, you cheated. I said race, which meant ON FOOT. Cat and mouse, don't you see?" She asked, smacking him again, still playfully though.

He smirked.
"Budge over and let me in."


"Yes. You said the both of us in it, not you in it and me standing beside you. Budge over."

"You on top."

She sighed, flopping down on top of him. "Happy?"


She kissed him, tugging the blanket tight around her; she had forgotten it wasn't summer anymore.

He was naked.

"It's cold out here, you're crazy to be out here totally starkers. Especially with that fever you've got, hon."


"You want me to warm you up, don't you?" She asked, wishing she had her wand to summon a warmer blanket from the house.


"I can, but I want you to warm me up first."

He would.

"Please?" She asked, rubbing her body against his suggestively.


"What do I have to do?" She replied, beginning to shiver slightly.

He pulled her close and kissed her.

She returned his kiss, closing her eyes as she did so.


"A little, I'm still cold though." She said, still pulling the blanket closer.

He tried to roll her onto her back.

She allowed him to maneuver her, and was surprised when he managed it without tipping them out of the hammock. "Better."

He smiled.

"But now you'll be freezing, here, take the blanket."


"Yes, I'll be warm with you on top of me. Put the blanket over you and you'll trap the heat between us."

He did as told.

"There, thank you. Now, naughty time? We are crazy, aren't we?"


"I believe that's an answer to both of my questions, dear. You can start."

He nibbled at her neck.

She sighed, it had been awhile since he'd paid attention to her neck, and she had to admit she did enjoy it, even if it had been the only place she had received affection outside of the bedroom for the better part of the past eight months.