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phoenix_serpent's Journal

Phoenix or Serpent RP
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Albus Dumbledore's death marked a new age for the Wizarding World, and a turning point in the War against Voldemort. Suddenly Death Eaters are everywhere and neighbours are fighting neighbours.

The Order of the Phoenix is in shambles now that they've lost their leader. Who will step up and take Dumbledore's place? Alastor Moody will, but will the Order accept him?

Meanwhile, the Dark Lord and his followers are causing chaos; deaths, pain and misery wherever they go. Voldemort is hatching a plan, what is this plan and how will it effect the already fragile Wizarding community?

The rest of the world is beginning to doubt the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Their 'Chosen One' failed to stop a Death Eater raid in the heart of Edinburgh, which killed 11 muggles, 3 Aurors and 5 Witches.

In this trying time the question is, who will prevail - the Serpent or the Phoenix?

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